How Retail Clothing Stores Are Losing The Innovation Battle

April 17, 2018

For years, the idea of buying affordable apparel online seemed rather odd. Why would you buy something based on a picture? Don’t you want to try it on first?
However, the world is a rapidly changing place. What was once seen as a bastion of high street life, retail clothing, is becoming a thing of the past. While it’s a shame to see the age-old mantra of ‘going to the store’, it’s being quickly replaced. The online world is more accessible, more innovative and, frankly, more varied. You go to a store on the high street, and you are limited to the apparel they have in-store.

They might have an item you like, but is it in your size?

If you want to do a price comparison, you need to walk through town to a competitor to check it out. With online stores, a quick search engine query can deliver faster, more reliable results. The end result? People buying affordable apparel of various styles online. Whether it’s something for work or something a touch more ambitious like an admirals’ jacket, the online industry is winning.


Why Affordable Apparel is Favoured Online

Really, the reasons why are simple – innovation, marketing and options. With a brick and mortar store, you are limited to the stock you can hold in-store. You have limited space, so you can only stock items for a certain period of time. You need to constantly swap around your apparel and your items to try and make it stand out more. You need to make the space that you have work for you.

With an online store, it’s easier to innovate. To market yourself as ‘the’ store for a particular themed form of clothing.

With locations like Life at Sea clothing, though, the options are entirely different. While you could never buy an admirals jacket in the summer months in a trendy boutique store, you could get one online with ease.

Naval apparel, themed clothing and specific sets and styles often get consigned to one small area. With an online store, the entire store can work to that wonderful nautical theme. The fact that there’s nothing like the same costs for storage, running of the store, staff hiring etc. means customers benefit. Greater selection, more affordable apparel and easier comparison of the prices.

Why Online Innovation Wins the Retail Race

Put simply, the world of retail clothing is running out of ideas. When you can do your shopping and get it all delivered in a day or two for a minimal add-on cost through your phone why not?
The days of getting affordable apparel through stowed and full retail outlets on sale days is gone. Now, you can relax in bed and order that stunning naval apparel that you wanted. No more barging your way to the naval section in a store that’s overloaded with hungry buyers.

How can a retail store keep up with this kind of innovation?
From selection to pricing, there’s a reason why we no longer venture to do clothes shopping. If you need something specific, then places like Life at Sea Clothing make it very easy to specify. Instead of spending all day in the sweltering heat, moving from shop-to-shop, log in online and shop that way instead.
The world is changing – and with it, how we shop. Don’t get stuck in a busy queue again; make the most of the online shopping innovation when it comes to buying that admirals jacket you’ve longed for.

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