Captain's Journal

This journal with vintage brown leather and rudder design give us a timeless look and it's a great gift for any sea lover. The Password code lock closure is great for keeping your notes safe.

For the avid writer, this is a gift worthy of holding their thoughts. Perfect for jotting down a quick thought or the details of the entire day.

About the Combination Lock:

  1. The default passcode is 000.
  2. Push the button to the left to open the lock.
  3. When the lock is open, push the button to the right, and to roll the numbers to set your new passcode.
  4. Release the button after you set your passcode.
Cover Material: Leather

Side Binding Mode: Fitted

Paper Size: A5 (112 Sheets included)
Exterior size: 5.3" x 8" x 1"